Alastair is the first battle mage we see in action in the series, though one of the last to be fully trained and accomplished as a battle mages.  He is a combat mage who excels at swordplay. He was trained by Fel Oakroot, uncle to the current Wizen, Garen Oakroot. Unlike many other battle mages, Alastair hasn’t disappeared into the realm of the Jinn. He feels his purpose on earth has not yet been served. Instead he travels with his friend Thomas the Bard, accept paid work that they deem worthy of their time. Alastair can be found spending his weekend hunting down the last remaining Fae in our world, and escorting them back to the realm of the Fae. He doesn’t much care for company save Thomas alone, though isn’t a total recluse like the battle mages who came before him. He and Thomas drive around in an old Chevy minivan that they affectionately  call ‘The Beast’ which has been given certain magical upgrades.