• Kokorum - The gatherer. Kokorum is a collector of all things, he gathers anything he finds interesting and puts it into his web of contacts, connections, and possessions. He is loyal, jaded, and loves people despite his acquired distrust. 

  • Raised as a human, ‘Kokorum’ wasn’t his given name, but a name he adopted after coming into his own magically. As a boy Kokorum was offered a life of privilege from wealthy parents, where he acquired a love for comforts and beauty. His station allowed him to explore portions of society normally off limits to the layman, able to rub shoulders with the elites of human society. He forsook his parents and their wealth when he encountered human trafficking among the social elites, and now uses his social network to battle the evils of human trafficking.

  • Magically, he has no formal training, and as such has created some seemingly obscure fulcra, including his pocket watch and cane. He found the writings of Didcit and used them to become an autodidact. The writings are somewhat dated, but also contain powerful magic no longer generally employed in lieu of easier yet weaker magic.